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How to make Audio Recording Machine

hello engineer's this is "Robotics Kanti". So today brought you. Audio machine which we can also record and play. So this is the recording, we have made an analog recording.

so now you can see or on. which we will be recording from analog. This is not a digital recording. So the old one that used to be our cassette audio cassette We have made people from the same ribbon

but its recording is a bit short Cause we've taken her ribbon short. So we have made it just to show it as an example. Then let's learn how this project is, how we can make it at home.

So the project that we have right now, how we can make it at home, let's see in this video.

Amplify Circuit:

So we already know the audio system of the earlier era. whenever you put an audio cassette on it. And when you play it, the side of the audio cassette used to play.

And whenever I used to open this cassette on the opposite side, then another song started playing on the opposite side. But in order to know how to separate two songs on the reel of one audio cassette, let us know about the ribbon.

Recording Circuit:

Watch the ribbon when the magnetic field comes on it. So it is moving in the same direction it will move. means there is a magnet inside it. So this magnet captures the head of the audio cassette,

The head of the audio cassette has two connections, one is right, one is left, and the body has ground. And on the underside of the head there are two more connections one A site and B site.

There is no connection at site B. There is a main connection at site A. If you look inside the head, nothing remains, there are two copper wires on the two terminals.

With this copper wire the magnetic filco catches. and will use this two connection on amplifier. and will use this lm386 it is an amplifier ic.

So we will use it through amplifier, capacitor has been put on it, some more resistance has been applied, through this we will input and output.

So if you want to know about it, you can go to my previous video and see how we have made it. And its circuit diagram will be found in the description below the video

So now let's see how everything else is made.

Demo Video:

So now you guys can see it is complete but we will put magnetic reborn on it.So we will rotate it in one round so that recording can be done by shortening it.

If you rotate the ribbon by making it bigger, the recording will be bigger. Means can take longer recording. And here two speakers are installed for output and here is the head for input and output

And two switches have been installed on it, which will be recording by pressing one switch and pressing the other will hear the sound.

And if we look at the back side, a motor has been installed here which will rotate it and battery is installed here 3.7v and this is the amplifier, how we have made it, we will find its circuit diagram in the description below the video.

Now let's install it by fitting reborn. So now you guys can see which is magnetic ribbon, we have fitted it. So by pressing this button now the recording will start and by pressing on the second button this recording will be heard. So now let's test the it and see.

So now you guys can see it's complete. Here the recording will be done on the ribbon through the head and we can hear the same recording.

But when this motor is high and low, its recording is also more and less. By pressing on this button, we will do the recording and on pressing the second button, the recording will be heard.

And the boys of the recording will be heard through this mic and we have installed these two speakers on the output. So now let's test the score. So now can see it works very well.

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