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How to Make Finger Remote

hello engineer this is robotics kanti. So today we have brought finger remote for you. Who can easily sit it on your finger. And there is a button on it, by clicking on it, you can turn anything on and off.

Or you can open the door or you can turn on anything, it is okay with the same programming, so there is no tension to be hacked.Because the programming inside it will be your own programming, meaning the coding on it, the frequency that will come out of it, you will know the same frequency, no one else will know.

When this remote button will be pressed, all the connections with which you will make a connection will be open. So let's learn how we can make this finger remote, today we will learn in this video.


So here you can see it is a remote, it has an IR sender and there are many buttons here, on which the button will be pressed, different frequencies will come out of it. Using this technology, we have made this finger remote.

So you guys can see that you can send one key signal from one key button to the one you put in it, the same coding on which you will give the same work will not work on any sensor separately, so this is the microcontroller you are seeing attiny85 Let's see how it is programmed

Now we can see that this finger remote is complete, not much component has been applied on it, we have made it through some components, so now we will make the sensor what it is and with the help of relay on the same sensor, anything can be done. can run easily.

So let's make the sensor now, after that connect with it and see.

So now you guys can see this sensor is complete. So you will have to make as many sensors as you put this sensor on the device.

And the finger remote that is there will be the same, you can control all with the same remote. And I have made only one sensor, you can make as many as you want 2 3 4.

And the coding which is put on the remote, we have to give the same coding on this sensor. You will have to put this coding on all you make.

So all this is complete, so now programming will have to be put on it, after that we will see after doing the score test, so let's put programming on it now

Download code and circuit click....... 

So before uploading the programming on this microcontroller we are seeing now we have to first get an arduino so here i am taking arduino nano.

So the diagram of its pin is necessary, then d10 will be SS, after that d11 will be mosi and d12 will be miso and if you look on the other side then D13 will be that of sck so now we will connect this pin to the microcontroller Feather.

So the pin of microcontroller which is first is vcc. second is sck. third is miso. fourth is mosi. And on the other side you will see, here is the ground and the other is SS.

So if we do the same to same connection on Arduino Nano, then put it on the breadboard, after that programming will have to be put on it.

So by going to programming and going to file example, we have to open it by going to ArduinoISP.

Look at this, the connection of all the pins has been given here, only it has to be uploaded and it will be uploaded on the arduino, after that we will have to make the connection with the microcontroller, so all the pins that we have connected to all the pins we have to do. will have to.

We will upload it now, before uploading, we will have to put a capacitor on it. Taking 1 capacitor of 10 micro ferrets.

We will put this capacitor on reset and ground. So look at the reset and ground, we have made the connection.

For demo video:

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