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How to make 16x2 touch screen display

We are making touch screen display using IR Sensor..... Please see the full Project....

By doing this project you are seeing, you can make a touchscreen on any display using only IR receiver and IR sender. After watching this project, you can easily make it at home and use it and make an on off switch for anything. To make this you will need an Arduino which can work on any display and some IR receiver and IR sender. You will find the circuit diagram below and for programming click.... here. By downloading this programming file, you can first unzip it and then use it.

An Arduino has been used on this project. It has a 16 * 2 display and for the sensor it will work through IR sender and receiver. Proximity sensor has been used. LED has been used for output and if you want to input and output more voltage for switch then you can install the component of this relay module. If you want a video to make this then you can easily watch the demo of this project by clicking below.

Demo Video:

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