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How to Make Touch Screen USB keyboard


You can create up to four shortcuts. In the video above I show how to create the shortcuts and assign them a shortcut key.

Right-click on your desktop then go down to "shortcut". Then create your shortcut. Click on next. Now name your shortcut. Once it is named left click on the shortcut and go down to properties. Then assign the shortcut key to like to it.

As shown in the image above, on the left side of the keypad is the number 8, and the right side is the number 1.

Connect the Keypad as following:

Arduino >> Keypad

D2 >> Key 1

D3 >> Key 2

D4 >> Key 3

D5 >> Key 4

D6 >> Key 5

D7 >> Key 6

D8 >> Key 7

D9 >> Key 8

Download Circuit and Code click....... 

Demo Project video:

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