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Simple Audio Recorder

1 Introduction:

Voice Record Module is base on ISD1820, which a multiple‐message record/playback device.

It can offers true single‐chip voice recording, no‐volatile storage, and playback capability for 8 to

20 seconds. The sample is 3.2k and the total 20s for the Recorder.

This module use is very easy which you could direct control by push button on board or by

Microcontroller such as Arduino, STM32, ChipKit etc. Frome these, you can easy control record ,

playback and repeat and so on...

2 Feature:

􀂾 Push‐button interface, playback can be edge or level activated

􀂾 Automatic power‐dwon mode

􀂾 On‐chip 8Ω speaker driver

􀂾 Signal 3V Power Supply

􀂾 Can be controlled both manually or by MCU

􀂾 Sample rate and duration changable by replacing a single resistor

􀂾 Record up to 20 seconds of audio

􀂾 Dimensions: 37 x 54 mm

3 Application:

If you want change record duration, an external resistor is necessary to select the record

duration and sampling frequency, which can range from 8 – 20 seconds (4‐12kHz sampling

frequency). The Voice Record Module of our provide default connect 100k resistor by short cap.

So the default record duration is 10s...

4 Power Amplifier Circuit:

If you want extern power amplifier circuit to Speakers, you can use LM386, D2283, D2322,

TA7368, MC34119 etc amplifier IC. Note, SP+ or SP‐ is you do not want to use, must vacant, do not connect to GND. Used LM386 power amplifier circuit as below:

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