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How to Glow Candle Using Voice

hello engineer's this is robotics kanti. Brought to you today, you can turn on a candle through your voice. In the previous video, it was told how to light a candle with the help of a remote.

So today's video is you can light different candles with the help of voice. So this project is very easy, you can easily make it at your home. So let's learn how to turn on a candle with the help of your voice.

Circuit of LED:

Here you can see here I have installed three LEDs. You can add more LEDs if you want. Different color programming for different LED's. Whenever the color you speak with the help of this mobile, the same color LED will turn on.

So right now i am connecting bluetooth with mobile. So now it is connected, here it is written as connected. By clicking on the mobile, whoever says to turn on the LED, the same LED will turn on, so see now I am speaking.

Red on, you see red color LED is turned on. So now if I say blue then blue will be on, and if I say green then green LED will be on. So I'm speaking blue, blue. so see blue color is on. I will say green now, green. see green color is on.

Now we will connect this circuit on the transistor, and provide 9 bolts or 12 bolts through the transistor. And this bolt will use it to burn the mole of the match.

Circuit Of Candle:

so you guys can see or else i made a circuit. a bluetooth is installed and a microcontroller is installed which will do the bluetooth medicine through the microcontroller with the mobile. and connected the microcontroller with three MOSFETs which are installed separately on the circuit for three candle.

So now let's learn how to do candle sparking.Now first of all, we will open the mobile and go to the Play Store and write "Arduino Voice Control". Give it some time to download and install. Will open after installed, after opening will first allow bluetooth.

and once connected we can work on this project easily.

So you saw how you can easily light a candle with the help of your voice. So if you like the video, then you will definitely like it, and definitely share it with your friends, thank you so much....

Click here....   to download the circuit diagram and programming.

Demo Video:

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