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Coil Or Inductor

Initially it is said that the inductor is a simple coil of conductive wire. Or coil (coil). If the coil is absorbed on a magnetic material, its inductance (inductance) increases. So another name for the coil is the inductor. Obsession. Sk is a component. Or a socket on the socket, where there is electricity - no matter what the flow is, he breaks the barrier. Electrical - The induction barrier occurs when the flow is manipulated, because such changes also vary the magnitude of the magnetic field. As we know from the previous paragraph, magnetic fields are accumulated around each electric current.


Suppose the inside of a conveyor. C. Or alternating current flowing. When the carrier in the conductor. The quantity is zero (0), then there is no magnetic field around the conductor. Then, when the current starts to flow in the conductor, the magnetic field also becomes the 7 maximum eyes% 257 and the current increases with the volume = 6 zero, and the magnetic field density also increases. Anchorage. Why is 0 the concentration of this concentration is highest only when the current is not Fen. (No. The positive half peaks at the peak of the peak, reaches (Figure - 12 - 1). The direction of the magnetic field is taken by the left-hand rule of the flaming direction in the highest circle - Fig. 12 - 1. Then in the positive half cycles. When the current reaches zero, the magnetic field disappears as well. As the current flows toward the negative negative half cycles, the magnitude of the magnetic field increases again and again, but this time the magnetic field is the opposite of the positive direction of the positive half cycles. Strong, when the current is at the highest point in the negative half

Reaches Then the current decreases, as well as the magnetic field intensity decreases. It is seen that the alternating current is constantly around the conductor. A changing magnetic field continues to accumulate. It is also said that the magnetic field. The strength depends on the intensity of the current. Characteristics of inductors and the main main characteristics of the inductor are (a) current conductor - scientist Han Christian Wursted first discovers that the magnetic field around the conductor is propagated when the current flows through a conductor. Is (Figure - 12 - 2). If the conductive wire is assembled in the form of a coil, then the turn of each turn of the coil is - 12 - 2 diagrams - 12 - 3 - -. For this, the cyst magnet will combine and create an entire composite magnet. The whole magnet is such that the north pole on one end of the coil (N) and the south pole on the other end (S) will bend (Fig. 12-12), as seen in the case of bar magnets or bar magnets. (b) Mutual inductance - When the magnetic field or the decrease of the linear line - the growth intersects the twist of the coil (eut), a voltage is reached in the coil. The first to discover this phenomenon was scientist Michael Faraday. When he experimented with two coils, he found that when the current was flowing in a coil or the flow was stopped, the current was also generated in the coil near that coil. (Figure - 12 - 4). | (c) Self inductance | Image - 12 - 4 - Scientific jessef henry of spatial observation. Discover the matter first. He found that when the magnetic field intersects a conductor, a spiraling force of swab occurs. Suppose the alternating current (AC) is flowing into a conveyor (or coil). As the current volume increases, the magnetosphere also fluctuates. In the conductor electrons inside the conductor. The magnetic field is created. As the magnetic field is tightened, it extends beyond the conductor. This.


In the state, the magnetic field intersects the conductor and a self-propelled electric force is created. As the current volume decreases in conduction, the magnetic field also disappears. This extinct magnetic field intersects the conductor and creates a re-absorbed electric force. Then it is seen that when the magnetic field increases or disappears, in both cases the acceleration is accelerated by the force. However, in both cases, the quickness of the two moving balls is the opposite. Therefore, it is possible to accumulate the accelerated force of the self-propelled by increasing the current in the conductor. If the alternating current is flowing in the conductor, the pilarization of the accelerator ball that is occupied during the coupling of the current is the opposite of the velocity of the technology voltage. So it has a tendency to block the current. Again, when the current is low in conductivity, the pulley that he receives for collecting the accelerated force of his own

Pelarity also inhibits the flow of current. Thus, it appears that the self-propelled accelerating force always acts against or against the applied voltage. That is why this radiant force is called the reverse electromagnetic force (counter e.m.f.). H. Concerning this behavior of self-propelled lightning force. F. Emil Lange is the first explanation. Gave. This is why it is called the Lange Session. | Formula Current Decrease - The speed at which the accelerating force is generated by the increase is such that it impedes the current change. When the amount of current in the coil decreases, the force of the inverse electrode becomes cheaper, then the force tries to increase the current. Again, when the amount of current in the coil increases, the force of the reverse electromagnetic force is created, that force tries to keep the current in a certain range. So a coil or indicator can be regarded as a current regulator or electrical regulator. Because he (the inductor always tries to hold the current in a certain value. The following formula is used to calculate the reverse radial force (counter e.m.f.), such as the change of the inverse radiative force = Lx current. ) Means that the voltage that has been realized is a counter voltage and the force that has accumulated it. # Properties of inductor | Inductance or induction is the inductor or inducer's religion, so it avoids any change in current, so the inductor's tendency is to block the alternating current (AC), but not the direct current. (DC) has no effect on it. It can be interrupted without VC. Current changes in AC socket are constant. These effects are always constrained, the faster the current changes, the more the constraints are expressed: the coil's index is abbreviated to the letter 'L', the mutual affinity to the 'M' letter, the reactance to the 'XL' and the coil effective to the 'Q' letter. .

The reasons for the fiction depend on inches, and we know that every conveyor has an index. The higher a coil's esholt is, the greater its catalytic force, as well as the decrease in current in the coil. But the inductor value depends on several factors. As (a) the number of turns in the coil, the higher the number of turns in the coil, the greater the desire or obsession (Figure - 12 - 5). The observer grows as much as the observer increases his orgasm, that is, if the observer is two. Either way, the increase in the number of four people. (b) Spacing between two legs - As the coil is less the gap between the two legs is greater (Figure - - 126). Because the closer the two pucks are, the stronger the magnetic flux is. ((c) Core penetrability {permeability) - If the core of the coil is made of a high penetrating liquid material like soft iron, then the coil's bearing is high. Ha Teal's insanity is less than that of soft lava. The sensitivity of a core is measured by comparing it with the air core (ie, where there is no substance, the air acts as a core). For example, the softness of a soft lacquer is 400, that is, the softness of a soft lacquer is 400 times greater than the lubrication of an air core. Images - - - 12 - 7. (d) Area of ​​the core - The cross sectional area of ​​the coil as long as it is at the base of the coil. That is, the coils are higher as the core is meta (Figure - 12 - 7). Types of inductor শ Ishar is divided into several groups depending on the following factors: Viz. (I) Core Material - Aya core or iron core. (ii) Frequency - Audio or Radio. (iii) Prayag - Power supply filter, picking coil, linear coil etc. General Chat Chat Lounge (iv) Method of winding - single layer, multi layer, pancoke, pie section etc.

In practical terms, both Air Core and Iron Core Indicators are more commonly used. Air core is commonly used for non-magnetic cores. Therefore, air or ceramic or lattice tubes or rods are used for air cores. And the 'iron core' is used in the case of magnetic cores. Its 2 = there. Oil Core Egg Thick Figure - 12 - 8 Figure - - 12 - 9 Inductor is divided into two parts, namely - Fixed Inductor and Variable Indicator. The inductance of a fixed indicator cannot be changed, that is, its index is always fixed. However, in the case of a variable inductor, it reduces or increases its inductance by rotating its central core. Here the symbol shows the fixed indicator (Figure - 12 -) and the variable indicator symbol. Unit unit of inductance This unit of measure in inductance is' Harry. The Henry of a coil will be called 1 Henry when the current flowing through it changes at a rate of 1 ampere per second and a moving force of 1 vent will be detected. Flap Linkage x 10 - 1 Henry Therefore, the inductance = flux linkage is called the rate at which the magnetic conductor flux conductor produces current.


The inductor (induction) of the inductor is required to connect multiple inductors like 0 resistor and condenser to various functions. . They can also be connected in two ways, namely, the series combination and the parallel cooperative. (Parallel combnination). 24. LI L3 L3 and Class Cooperatives - When adding multiple coordinates to a class cooperative, they are mutually dependent on each other! 5 There is no effect (that is, each of the inductors is singed in a pivot = or two side by side). The inductor is placed at such a distance that one magnet field does not react to the other's magnet field. Then their sum total of inductance will be equal to the mass of the inductor's inductor, ie LT = L + L + L + •••••• Here, L1 = 2H, L = 3H and L = 5H. L, LT = 2 + 3 + 5 = 10 Henry. | But if the mutual inductance is constant between multiple inductors with class coefficients, then the relative fluxes from the following formula should be calculated here. If any of the inductors are connected in such a way that the rotation of their coils is in the same direction, in the same direction in the direction of the line of both, then the M's. Gay + 'sign to sit. And two inductors are connected in such a way that the two coils on the opposite sides of each other toward the opposite side of the line both if M's - sit mark. La L e Parallel Cooperative - - If multiple inductors are connected in parallel, and they do not affect each other, then the relative impedance must be determined from the following session.


D. C. Inductance in the circuit) As long as the switch is off, no current will flow in the socket. Therefore, no magnetic field around the inductor (L) will be inexpensive. As soon as the switch is closed, the current in the socket will continue to flow and within a short time the current will reach zero in its valence value. The magnetic balloon around the L will also increase - from zero to its true valleys. During the period from which the current (or the magnetic shear line) of the zero to the maximum value of the current will occur, a reverse electromagnetic force (e. M.

General Chat Chat Lounge f. of self-induction. This accelerating force will hinder the current's change. Figure - 12 - 12 After the current reaches its peak value, the magnetic field will not change until its valor is changed, and no reverse radiation force (back e m f) will occur. . Since d. C. The valor of the current in the socket does not change (except when switching off or playing), so. Conductive d. C. Does not cause any obstruction to the flow. © Inductive Reactauce. | No Inductor at any. C. The barrier that causes a change in the socket or current is called "indative." React ”(XL). This is compared to the resistance (R) and is also measured in 'ohms. | Inductive Reactance Procedure, XL = 2nfL. | Here, here. (Pi) = 3142, f = frequency of the accelerating force of the technology - Hertz (Hz) and L = coil. Indexes - Henry. From this formulation we find that inductive reactivity also increases when the frequency is higher. Besides. It is also known that (i) when f = 0 (zero) [i.e. in the case of direct current]], the inductive reactance will also be zero. (ii) If f increases (then L remains constant) the inductive reaction will also increase. (iii) If f is infinite, XL will be infinite.

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